Self-adhesive vinyl-mosaic is easy to install, clean and maintain. Stick to smooth, clean and dry surface such as ceramic tiles, painted walls, flat gyp-rock. for best results, follow instructions as detailed below.

Materials need for installation:cleaning clothes, pencil, level, cutter knife, silicone

Drying time

Please wait until the wall dry ,and it would be much better when the wall surface return to room temperature before installation, the optimum temperature range for the application is 15 to 40℃. Do not install if surfaces are cold.

Clean the wall

Wash the wall surface with a powerful cleaning agent,cleaning off dust, grease, dirt,glue build-up. For these would greatly enhance the quality and look of the installation.

The starting point(the first mosaic sheet)

The first tile must be perfectly aligned as all other tiles will be installed in relation to it. take your time, it is best to use a level and/or pencil line to create a straight starting point on the wall, align the top of the tile on the line that was created.

Preparation tool ruler and utility knife

Never wrap tile around corners or bend/fold a tile to connect one side of a wall to another. measure the distance between the last tile and the corner, cut the tile of the measured distance. use a cutter knife guided by a ruler to cut the product.

When removing the mosaic sheet from paper backing. lift up from the mosaic sheet’s corner away from paper

Place the exposed adhesive step by step on the you peel, continue applying pressure to the tile,until the backing is completely removes.

Overlapping tiles

For the second tile and all others,overlap the borders(grout) of each tile on the previously installed tile, in other words, each tile has its own border, which serves as the grout of the tile. lay one border on top of the other.thus,only one border should remain between the two tiles after installation. do not stick tile next to the other, finish by applying pressure on the surface especially on the overlaps, should, in the rare instance, a tile start to peel away from the wall after being set, simply using a small amount of clear glue to stick the tile back to the wall.

Please precisely measure the distance when you meet a wall socket on your road, precisely mark the location on the product, cut the product into size and stick the cutting tile carefully.

Do as the steps and suggestions above, and you could have a simply but beautiful house, and if you have any problem, please contact us.

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